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Green Blue Active offers corporate worksite well-being classes:

Corporate worksite well-being sessions for employee health

Re-energize, learn and restore in English - 60 minutes

  • 1. exercise / yoga. 2. a preventative health session on a topic previously agreed upon (physical activity, stress reduction, green exercise, forest bathing) 3. mindfulness / breathwork session.
  • Participants will return to their day feeling more uplifted and productive.
  • All we need is an outdoor green space, or a conference/meeting room to hold the session.

Re-energize and restore in English - 40 minutes

  • 1. exercise / yoga. 2. mindfulness / breathwork session.
  • Participants will return to their day feeling more uplifted and productive.
  • All we need is an outdoor green space, or a conference/meeting room to hold the session.

Laura provides corporate yoga sessions, group fitness classes, meditation and mindfulness practice, and workplace wellness program/activities consulting.  

Are you a English-speaking company in the Berlin area searching for employee wellness offerings, or mental health offerings? We've got you covered. We offer our on-site corporate wellbeing services in Berlin. Green Blue Active is available to travel to corporate worksites to offer services. 

To book, or if you would like a certain topic covered, please get in touch:

Green Blue Active offers employee well-being sessions for organisations.

Green Blue Active offers employee well-being program/activities consulting.

Laura is certified and experienced in worksite wellness and health promotion, and previously worked in corporate wellness for a Fortune 500 company devoted to employee well-being. As part of her graduate studies, Laura was part of a team to assess, implement and evaluate a new staff physical activity program at a private international school in Erlangen.  

Taking small steps to solidify a wellness presence in your workplace is advantageous for your business profile. Employees and potential candidates value employee well-being offerings at the workplace.  It's more than offering occasional smoothies and fruit to your staff, but offering a variety of programming in preventative health / healthy behaviour change to energize and support your employees. 

Want more information? Write us at to get more information or schedule a call.

Please share a few details about your organisation (e.g. name, city, industry, number of employees, needs, current or previous wellness programs). 

Advantages of committing to employee well-being:

  • a healthy organisational culture supports performance and productivity
  • reduce presenteeism (employees who are physically but not mentally present and productive)
  • reduce absenteeism (employees calling in sick because they are mentally, emotionally, and/or physically exhausted, stressed, or ill)
  • improves company culture – the attitudes, behaviour, norms, and values that shape the mindset of the company
  • provides an attractive competitive advantage 
  • stress reduction and resilience offerings such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness can improve employee resilience, productivity, clarity, flexibility, and creativity
  • higher reported levels of job satisfaction and employee retainment
  • supporting healthy behaviour change at work can translate into more motivated and resilient employees 
  • organisations that commit to employee well-being demonstrate that they support team/staff performance